June 18, 2015

Paralegals Can Represent Clients in Arbitration

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ADR is growing and the Paralegal Rules of Conduct mandate that paralegals shall consider ADR when appropriate and to pursue ADR if instructed.  Arbitration is one of the most common forms of ADR and the future of arbitration is full of opportunity as clients look for out of Court dispute resolution.

The time to seize these opportunities and get involved in arbitration is now.

We’ve completed a detailed review of paralegal rights of appearance in arbitration.

Michael Hassell, a trial lawyer and arbitrator, has formed a legal opinion that paralegals can represent clients in arbitration prompting Hassell Arbitration to open its doors to paralegals.

We’ve drafted language to help clarify Law Society by-law 4 concerning paralegal scope of activities in arbitration.

We are the first and only arbitration practice we’re aware of in Ontario to develop simple 3-4 page short rules that explicitly provide for paralegal representation.

Need more clarification?  Arbitrators must decide legal issues and at the request of any party or on Hassell Arbitration’s own initiative, we will accept submissions and make a preliminary ruling on whether a paralegal can represent a client before our arbitral tribunal.

We’ve released an overview of the law of arbitration.  In addition, our related practice Hassell Trial Counsel has shared a host of trial resources online, including an arbitration checklist.

Want more arbitration stuff?  We’re on it.  We’re developing free CPD arbitration programs.  Our first round of programs and videos will cover arbitration fundamentals.  Join us on social media for upcoming dates and releases.

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