November 20, 2016

R. v. Jordan, Delay and Arbitration

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The Supreme Court of Canada released a seminal decision on the Charter right to a trial within a reasonable time: R. v. Jordan.

Already murder charges are being stayed for delay.

Ministers of Justice and Crown Attorneys across Canada are reviewing the status of serious charges as priority case above all others.  Criminal law comes first.

Family law is a close second: families in conflict need resolution.

Civil and commercial cases come last.  To some, this is great news: delay can undermine resolve and low settlements may result.  To others, who want to get on with life, this is terrible news.

There are civil and commercial litigation cases where both sides want to get on with things.  These cases are prime for arbitration.

There are many Arbitrators of all experience levels ready to decide your case now.

Just what is taking the litigants and lawyers so long to realise that arbitration awaits?

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