July 5, 2015

Time is Money

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One of Ontario’s top Judges, Justice David M. Brown wrote an exceptional article on how to improve the civil justice system.  You can review it by clicking here.

Recommendation number 1 of a list of 5 recommendations is to to adopt a “front-end assignment of trial dates” system.  What this means is that a trial date is established at the start of the case and everyone works towards it.

Guess what?  We’re doing that at Hassell Arbitration.  One of our first steps is to set the hearing date.

As Justice Brown points out:

“Time is money. The longer a case remains alive in the court system and the greater the number of steps which are taken in the case, the higher the cost of litigation to the parties involved. In routine cases, a party stuck in our civil system for four years more likely than not will end up paying more in legal fees than one who is in-and-out in two years.”

That’s right, if you’re going to Court, the discussion is about the costs of cases taking 2-4 YEARS.  Hassell Arbitration is working on a timeline of 2-4 WEEKS.

Justice Brown continues:

“Our court needs to assure the public that if they seek our assistance to deal with a civil dispute, the process will be completed within a reasonable period of time and at a reasonable cost. If we cannot provide such an assurance, we risk losing our legitimacy as an effective part of our democratic governance system. Litigants will turn their backs on our doors and seek-out private dispute resolution systems. Indeed, many already do.”

Time is money.  This is one reason why Hassell Arbitration was established.  We add value by closing cases in a matter of weeks not years, saving everyone involved time and money.

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